Child's Gucci t-shirt becomes Mom's favorite tennis warmup:
Vintage Celine scarf converts a child's Oxford
& woman's dress for two namesakes:
The centerpiece of this Gucci scarf
slithered its way onto this young hipster's hoodie:
Fendi dresses turned denim jackets:
A denim jacket, tank top & espadrilles walk into our design room
and come out an Oxford & forever purse:
Outgrown Gucci toddler tee 
makes one-of-a-kind denim jacket & winter hat:
Liberty Fabrics monogram & pocket detail transform an everyday Oxford,
while star & pocket detail turn this dress from utility to unique:
Vintage Oscar de la Renta Scarf Sweatshirt
created for our genius logo designer:
When your friend who was born & raised in NYC has a baby girl,
you handcraft her a custom dress with fabric leftover from a piece you had made for your own daughter
& embroider some bloomers:
This dress acquired a hole in each sleeve, so
we upcycled the perfectly intact material into a personalized handbag:
Vintage YSL scarf changes denim top into statement piece:
Big brother's hand-me-down brings new life
to little brother's superhero tee:
When your son ONLY wants to wear Batman gear,
but you'd like him to look a bit more polished -
we embroider his initials on a Rugby
& put his favorite outgrown t-shirt on the back:
More of our custom work can be found within each of the offerings on our site. 
Frankie's Runway is not affiliated with the brands whose fabric we repurpose into our products.