Eco FAQs

At Frankie's Runway, we are committed to working towards becoming a fully sustainable company. While we're not there yet, we know that every stride counts! 
  • We keep fabrics out of landfills by upcycling clothing and using business cards created from recycled t-shirts
  • We ship in 100% compostable mailers packed with (minimal) recycled tissue paper
  • We use eco-friendly base materials as often as we can; our goal is to have ALL of our offerings be eco-friendly by the end of 2024!
  • We give back to the Earth by planting trees with OneTreePlanted for each of our Adult & Kids "Save Our World" & "Sustainable Style" Sweatshirts purchased, as well as donating a portion of sales from our "Don't Be Trashy" Jumpsuit & Lux Appliqué Totepacks to Fashion Revolution.