About Customization

Upcycled, Reworked, Custom Pieces

It’s time to clear out your bins of outgrown clothing & stop worrying about spills, holes, and pulls. Our Limited Edition 1 of 1 Customization gives new life to your loved items!

How it works: Email custom@frankiesrunway.com images of your favorite vintage/sentimental/outgrown/damaged garments and we’ll provide suggestions of how we can repurpose them. We work along with you to be sure your custom piece is exactly what you want! 

Full Custom Options:

  1. Send us both the clothing/accessory item(s) you would like to have reworked (the “accent” piece(s)), as well as the article you'd like to have it/them placed on (the “base” piece). For example - your daughter stained her favorite dress & her older brother has outgrown his denim jacket. You send them both to us, we take the workable areas of her dress and handcraft a one-of-a-kind denim jacket for her. 
  1. Do you see something we've created for another client in our Gallery, but you don’t have the base item on-hand? We can source it for you (denim jackets, oxfords, dresses, sweatshirts, etc.) and then add your accents! 

Partial Custom Options:

  1. Purchase one of our Base Items or Bags & send us the materials you would like us to customize it with.  
  1. Choose from the vintage Fabrics we have in stock to create a one-of-a-kind piece either on an a base item you send to us, one you purchase from us, or on something we source for you. 

Project Timing: Once we receive your item(s) it may take up to 5 business days (Monday-Friday) to inspect them and contact you to finalize the design. Due to our products being handcrafted, it typically takes 1-14 business days (Monday-Friday) from when the design is confirmed to complete your project. If you are placing an order that is time sensitive and would like to know if we can complete it in time, please e-mail custom@frankiesrunway.com before completing your transaction. As always, we value our customers and will try our best to accommodate each situation!

Pricing: When you purchase Customizable Items or Bags on our site, the total will be calculated at checkout. For all Full Custom, or Partial Custom projects where items need to be sourced, the price will begin at $55, but may increase depending on the scope of the work & cost of materials. The total will be calculated & invoiced once we confirm the final materials and design.

All Custom items are final sale. 

Note: If you are sending us materials, the remaining portions will either be recycled or added to our upcycled fabric options unless specified at the time of your purchase that you would like them returned to you. You are responsible for shipping your items to us, but we offer FREE standard shipping back.

Disclaimer: All items are handmade, so there may be slight imperfections. We are not liable for the cost of the items you provide. We do offer a full project refund if for any reason your item(s) are damaged through the design process. When cleaning, we recommend following the instructions from the original material (for example, if we are putting a silk scarf on a sweatshirt, clean according to scarf instructions).

Frankie's Runway is not affiliated with the brands whose fabric we repurpose into our products.