Our Story


My love of fashion was amplified (who even knew there could be more depths to this addiction?!) by the birth of my daughter, Frankie. Seeing pint-sized garments from labels I loved made me swoon. Discovering niche children’s brands, some that were only available overseas, became a daily mission. I excitedly pushed “add to cart” before the price & shipping costs could register…and when they did, they were SHOCKING! How could such little fabric cost so much? How could I rationalize spending all that money on a one-time wear? What if she were to RUIN them??!!! But I NEEDED these clothes, I mean SHE, she NEEDED these clothes. So, I needed to figure out a financially reasonable way to acquire them. Cue consignment shops (her first Fendi dress was purchased for $45!!! – and yes, a 1-year-old needs Fendi when her name starts with an F; at least that was my justification to myself & more importantly, to my husband), online sites like BeMiniCouture (RIP) that sold luxury children’s clothes for less, and end-of-season sales with steep discounts from my beloved international sites.

Now that I had curated this unique wardrobe that my daughter has either outgrown, stained or made holes, runs & pulls in, what do I do with it? With the same intensity that I love shopping, I disdain clutter. No matter how sentimental an item, just the thought of keeping it in a box packed away gathering dust gives me anxiety. Still, I was determined to at least keep all the “F” stamped gear I've accumulated (and those to come) to make something special for Frankie to take with her out into the world (on the devastating day) when she's grown enough to move out.....

BUT after walking into my daughter’s closet each day, the discarded Fendi garments amassing in the back corner would make my inner anti-hoarder scream, “Do something with them NOW!” That is how our Limited Edition 1 of 1 collection was born. I met with a seamstress armed with Fendi dresses, denim jackets, and wild ideas. We created our first few items, and when I started showing them to friends, they began asking for custom garments as well. After handcrafting a few, we realized we were really onto something. People loved this useful, stylish way of holding on to sentimental items and having true one-of-a-kind pieces.

As you’ll see in our gallery of previous projects, our Limited Edition 1 of 1 line is for all ages. So go ahead, splurge on the expensive clothes (or buy them at a fraction of the cost like I do), wear & enjoy them (novel idea, I know), and then pass them on to us to create your next favorite item!